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to Provide exceptional, inclusive and practical lactation support. 

I strive to make all families and caregiver configurations feel comfortable and accepted, without judgment. 

I welcome breast, chest and bottle-feeding caregivers equally and prefer to describe myself as a feeding consultant, as I worry the title 'lactation consultant' has inherent judgment and may scare off families that are mixed feeding, or needing to supplement for a variety of reasons. 


Surrogacy, adoption, mental health, and lgbtq+ families are too often ignored, under-represented and forgotten in the field of infant feeding and I am motivated to change that.


I am here to provide evidence-based information and apply my years of experience in order to support families to make truly informed, sound decisions.

I know that a family knows best with regards to what works for them.


I work from an anti-oppressive framework and stand in solidarity with oppressed groups.


Sliding scale pricing is available.


evidence based care

Continuing education in the field of human lactation is vital to ensure that clients are provided with care that is safe, effective and informed by current scientific data.

exceptional service

The pre and postpartum period is sacred, and it is appreciated that clients have chosen Azura Infant Feeding Support during this special time. To honor that clients have chosen me, I strive to provide clients with exceptional service that exceeds expectations. 


 Travelling to my clients where they feel most comfortable is important to ensure they and their families don’t have to exert extra energy travelling to a clinic when they should be conserving as much energy as possible.


I understand the significance of guiding individuals through some of the most vulnerable stages of their lives, where their mental well-being takes precedence. Many of my clients have shared their experiences, highlighting the gentle and supportive environment I cultivate during our interactions.

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