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Building a support network to support you in the postpartum period and beyond.

Support networks can vary from person to person in size, number, and type of support. Regardless of breadth, they’re necessary with each pregnancy and birth/adoption process and as you raise your family to bolster your energy, spirit and quality of life.

When thinking about what your supportive network will look like consider emotional, practical, social and informative supports.

To map out your support network, start with those closest to you that you don’t have a hard time calling on for support. Next, consider those friends or family members who you know care, but that you may never have asked for support. Finally consider those healthcare and structured social supports that you may utilize for information, medical support and for referrals to other networks.

Utilizing your network will take some of the work off of your plate so that you can focus on meeting your feeding goals.

Here is an example of one parent’s network.

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