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Creating a feeding station you actually want to chill in

Feeding baby can be chill and enjoyable and maybe even something you look forward to.

One thing that made feeding my baby way, way more pleasant was assembling a feeding station fit for a queen, king or any sort of royalty, where everything I needed was right at my fingertips.

When breast/chestfeeding, a great way to build supply is to avoid timing or scheduling feeds and instead offer unrestricted access to your breasts/chest and feed. Feed on demand if that’s something you think you can tolerate. With that in mind, you can be “stuck” feeding babe a LOT when you have a newborn, whether that be by breast/chest or bottle. A feeding station is also awesome for pumping. But what if you weren't “stuck” because it was your mini oasis with all of your creature comforts like your phone, a charger, some water/tea/coffee/juice, a snack, a book, a remote for a TV, gaming console, a blanket, whatever.

I personally liked heading to my feeding zone because it was “nobody can bug me” time. My family prioritized feeding and knew to not call on me if I was in my chill feeding zone—because I was busy, doing my job. However, I was allowed to call on them 😉 in the case that I forgot something at my station or longed for a specific treat, TV remote, my phone or whatever. I’m all about setting up these expectations for other family members or support people, before baby comes. Ask for whatever you think you need. It can go something like this “when you notice me in my feeding zone, do you mind trying to keep things quiet and calm and be available if I need something? Infant Feeding is a priority to me and I want to know that I can just focus on building and strengthening that skill without interruption or additional stressors (bonus ask: also please make me nice snacks and bring me some water or tea when you notice me getting in the zone).” You’ll be tired and healing from childbirth (if you carried) and the emotional toll of a major life transition, + new weird sleep schedule. It’s nice to focus on your healing, infant feeding and not much else.

Build your zone now by finding a small table or chair that you can place beside the chair/bed/couch/wherever you most frequent to feed. Put all of your favourite things, distractions and comforts here. One thing that took my feeding station to the next level was putting a rotating tray/turntable on top of your side table 🤣 then you barely even have to reach for anything.

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