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New parents: Your instant pot may just be your new best friend

You can sterilize your bottle-feeding and pumping stuff in your Instant Pot!

💨 The steam gets so hot in this pressure cooker that it kills virtually everything is an extremely slow efficient way.

💨 Use a steaming insert if you’ve got one, but you also don’t need one.

💨 Turn that baby on pressure cook for 3 minutes. More advanced versions like this one have a sterilize function, which makes it extra foolproof.

💨 This puppy gets super hot so be careful taking stuff out (use tongs!)

Who needs to sterilize and for how long?

🍼 There’s no research to tell us when exactly to stop sterilizing bottles and pump equipment. We used to say after 4ish months but there’s no hard proof to back this timeline up as safe or not safe.

🍼 When/if you stop sterilizing, ensure to continue to wash bottles and pump equipment in hot soapy water or pop them in the dishwasher in a hot cycle after each use.

🍼 Because you’re typically storing your breast milk in the fridge for a few days (or the freezer over time) I recommend sterilizing those parts once a day and cleaning them with hot soapy water between uses. You don’t want to contaminate that milk you worked hard to get!

✨Premature babies and those with specific illnesses may need their bottles and pump parts cleaned more frequently and for a longer stretch of time, potentially longer than 4 months. ✨

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