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What you need to know about pumps

Pumps are great if: Baby has some feeding issues right out of the gate, for those inducing lactation, for parents with preemies, for flexibility around who gets to feed baby and for exclusive pumpers of course.

💦Pump flanges come in different sizes beyond what comes with your pump. Your nipple itself shouldn’t be rubbing against the flanges and it shouldn’t hurt.

💧There are ways you can use a pump to support supply and help to increase supply such as ‘power pumping’ which feigns cluster feeding to trick the body into producing more.

💦Hand pumps work for some but because you can’t control the amount of suction it’s easier to hurt yourself. These types of pumps are best after your milk supply has been well established.

💧If you aren’t able to feed baby right after birth rent a hospital grade pump from a hospital or other places that rent them. These are not consumer products—they are stronger than most pumps that you can buy and work well to establish a supply.

💦Using breast massage and compressions through the pumping session will make it more fruitful. This is called “hands-on” pumping. Easiest with a pump bra (or a sports bra with some holes cut out) so your hands are free.

💧Some people hate pumping, some like it and some are indifferent.

💦All workplaces are legally required to provide a private place to pump for employees that request it, it’s a human right.

✨The amount that you can or can’t pump is not reflective of the amount of milk that is transferred directly to Baby when they’re on the nipple.

✨Some people don’t let down to an electrical machine like they do to a baby, which can be super annoying if you need to be separated from baby and are trying to build a tiny stash or if you’re planning to pump exclusively.

✨To help out with getting more from your sessions—have baby nearby, or do skin to skin first, or even smell a piece of your baby’s clothing—all ways to help with let down. Warmth, and massage prior to pumping also works well (think hot shower with some breast massage pre-pump).

✨Another key is being relaxed, as cortisol impacts let-down. If you’re anticipating pain or anxious over whether there will be enough milk pumped, pause and try to ground and reassure yourself—it’ll help with your results.

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