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Get Breastfeeding/ Chestfeeding and Bottle-Feeding Support Online

Meeting virtually allows you to get support wherever you are, whether that be at home, in-hospital, if you encounter issues when on vacation, etc. 

Azura sees individuals from all over the world virtually. 

For virtual services you need:

  • smartphone, laptop or tablet

  • stable internet connection / data

  • if doing prenatal infant feeding classes no additional person is required

  • while not mandatory, it can be quite beneficial to have someone you're comfortable with join you during breast/chestfeeding, with their primary role being to hold the phone. This arrangement allows your hands to remain free to concentrate on getting the baby into the right position.

  • partners/family members are welcome to sit in on the session so long as you are comfortable with it

Talk to a lactation specialist online and get breastfeeding support online
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