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Chestfeeding / Breastfeeding support in Toronto
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Make your feeding goals a reality

Registered Nurse & Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) here to help you figure this out

Azura offers in-person and virtual sessions in the GTA and beyond

See Azura's service boundaries here

Can travel outside of area for an additional fee)  

In-depth prenatal breast/chest/bottle feeding classes and feeding support after baby arrives

Toronto - Mississauga - Oakville - Burlington - Milton - Dundas - Hamilton - Ancaster - Binbrook-  Brantford - Grimsby - Greensville - Cambridge - Caledonia

Save by bundling services

She keeps it real and sees the whole picture


I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Azura. I reached out to her when I was pregnant with my second, hoping for a better breast feeding experience this time around. We had an amazing one on one session where we talked about my specific questions and concerns, and she followed up with a detailed, personalized feeding plan. It was so comprehensive, I refer to it constantly!

Azura is not like any of the other LC’s I have worked with before (and there were many) - she has the most tender and supportive bedside manner, no shaming, no guilt, just judgment-free support to achieve my desired feeding experience. She keeps it real and sees the whole picture. She was so generous with her time answering my follow up questions by text. I would recommend Azura to all of my nearest and dearest.


Toronto, ON

What can Azura help with?

Azura can help you at any stage of your feeding journey, whether that be prenatally, right after baby hits the scene, if you hit a road bump a few months in, and when you're contemplating weaning or are ready to wean yesterday.
Azura's wealth of experience uniquely qualifies her to expertly address any challenges that may arise in the realm of infant feeding, while giving paramount importance to your mental well-being. Azura is wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding and supporting you as you prepare for or work towards improving your feeding relationship.

Azura leads with a non-judgmental, inclusive stance and loves to support all families no matter how they feed their infant. Azura can't wait to cheer you on as you work towards your goals and overall wants you to help you enjoy your parenting and feeding experience.

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